Art and design has always been my passion. I majored in Graphic Design at the University of Minnesota but I was not able to apply my degree until many years later. It seems I had to wait until desktop computers were invented and Photoshop was available before I could pursue my dreams. In the meantime, I spent twenty-five years on the office administration track, picking up word processing and office organization skills. A chance encounter with Artful Imaging in Roseville, Minnesota led to my employment there , designing photo gifts and doing photo retouching. After ten years at AI, although it was a difficult decision to give up the dream job I had finally found, personal circumstances required a move back to my home town and the family farm. Things have a way of working out for the best. Along with family care responsibilities came the freedom to freelance in my (several) areas of creative interest.

My studio is in my childhood home, a 1926 farmhouse on the western prairies of Minnesota. I create fine art and portraits in digital form in the style of several traditional media. I enjoy working with fonts and design elements to create inspirational or humorous compositions which can be applied to wall art, clothing and household items. I have experience in logo, business card, brochure and flyer design, invitations and annoucements, book cover design and book publishing layout.

Handmade beaded jewelry
I find joy in off-loom beadweaving, working with tiny beads and a rhythm of repetition which becomes meditative. Some of my pieces are based on designs created and taught by other bead artists who have given permission for sales. I try to bring in my own interpretation of color, form and style to these pieces. As I learn new techniques I am designing my own pieces.

Barbara Dahle Tarcza